Hello beautiful human,

I'm Britt. I'm a wife and mum based in Wellington City.

I have a minor coffee addiction, and a massive planning obsession! 

I have a Bachelor of Hospitality Management and a passion for projects, events, and weddings. I looove a well thought out timeline that is structured, detailed, and effective in guiding the planning process smoothly and successfully. 

My ultimate goal is for your wedding to be a success, and for your planning journey to be as stress-free as possible! 

I've been in your shoes, planning a wedding on a budget, which is why I started this business, so you aren't left trying to figure out this massive life event all on your own. 


I'm here to give you affordable guidance, tips, advice, and a sprinkle of inspiration so you can plan your wedding step-by-step with confidence.


You can do this! I'm here to help!

Lets chat,



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Photo by Yvonne Liew

Creating successful weddings is our passion

Wellington, New Zealand

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