When my husband and I got married we noticed a really big

problem that couples face when they get engaged.

You either get the option to hire a wedding planner, which

may not fit the budget, or you are left to your own imagination

to plan one of the biggest events of your entire life.

Light bulb moment - The Wedding Coach was established.

With a Bachelor in Hospitality Management, my experience in event planning, projects, and task management has creatively combined with my passion for weddings. 


Planning your wedding is so freaking amazing,

but it can be super overwhelming and really stressful.

Life is already busy, and it takes an average of 250 hours to pull a wedding together.

You need a solid and sound plan to walk you step-by-step through your journey so you can start having fun and enjoying this special experience.


 That's where we step in!

We offer a variety of packages from coaching to coordination, specifically for couples who want to plan their own wedding.

The Wedding Packages will have you feeling confident, 

organised, and at ease throughout your wedding planning journey.

I'm here to help,

Let's chat,

Britt X