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Hi! I'm Britt.


You're here! Amazing!

That means you're ready to start planning your wedding, and I'm here for it!

If you're looking for a wedding planning expert that can lead you through the planning process, listen and execute your wants and needs, and coordinate your beautifully bespoke wedding day, then let's get together asap!!

Lover of lists, details, pretty blooms, timeline logistics, and a good girl chat, I'll be here for you each step of the way. 

Whether you're newly engaged and starting to plan, or you're in the final lead-up to your wedding day, I can meet you where you're at in your journey and we can start from there. 

I want your wedding day to be an incredible experience that reflects your relationship, your personalities, interests, hobbies, and style. 

Get in touch here and we can get started on planning your best day ever!

Britt x

Wellington Wedding Planner 

Wellington Vendor

Wellington Wedding Coordinator

Wellington wedding planner

Kind words:

Marina & Hamish | Eastbourne

Thank you Britt for doing such an amazing job at our wedding, making our wedding day successful and stress free! Your warm and lovely smile was always a wonderful sight making you very approachable and a pleasure to talk to! Nothing seemed too difficult for you. Thank you for all your recommendations, keeping me on track with my arrangements, and communicating with all the suppliers, giving them the timeframes they needed in order to be ready on time. Your guidance and assistance with the venue set up and layout was amazing! Your time and effort spent with us before and on the day will never be forgotten and your skillset truly noted. You did a wonderful job in keeping us all on track, keeping an eye on all the suppliers throughout the day. All the best with this venture you are truly gifted in organising!! I don’t know how we would have coped the day without you, the worries of all the arrangements, putting the puzzle together, just became effortless to us!! Thank you!!

Nicole & Brett | Tauherenikau 2021

Britt, Britt, Britt. What on earth can I say except that you are an absolute angel and I cannot thank you enough for the support and planning you put into making my wedding the day of my dreams. From the moment we met I could tell you were as organised as me, and we were going to bond over endless spreadsheets Not only did you work your butt off on the actual wedding day, doing all of the set up and managing every vendor, the bar, the cake(!!!) and timelines, you put in huge effort beforehand too, organising our table hire and ensuring the tent fit on the lawn!! Honestly, you are worth your weight in gold and for any bride (especially those doing DIY weddings) I could not recommend you enough. Thank you so so much xxxx

Gemma & Sam | Brackenridge 2021

Words cannot describe how amazing Britt was in the lead up to AND on our wedding day. Before I was put in touch with Britt, I never thought that I needed a wedding coach/ coordinator, but I truly don't know how I would have coped without her before or on my day. Britts cool, calm and collected manner enabled me to relax and enjoy my day while she managed the timeline, guests, vendors, groom (haha) etc etc. If you weren't considering employing this type of help, change your mind and chat with Britt! I could not recommend her more! I had so many vendors, bridesmaids and guests come up to me about how amazing she was to work with. Thank you so so much again Britt!

Vendor Testimonial:

As a celebrant, I have worked alongside Britt on a few occasions now where she has both impressed and delivered. Her attention to detail, hands-on involvement, and having done that one step ahead even before others have thought about it, are all reasons why I couldn't recommend her enough. Couples sing her praises and so do I.

Professionally, she is the type of person that makes things happen and gets things done, always finding ways to assist. Personally, Britt is charismatic, fun, super organised and truly passionate about planning and creating perfect weddings for couples. 

It's refreshing to have met such talent in the industry who genuinely cares that her clients needs are met. 

Everything is easier with Britt around and I'm very much looking forward to the opportunity of working with her again. 

Persefoni Harvey

(Wedding Celebrant)

Styled Shoot 2020| Summer Romance Video

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